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TeamBWT FPPF Environmentally Friendly Lubricants

TeamBWT FPPF Environmentally Friendly Lubricants

We offer FPPF fuel products! We keep you, the American trucker, rolling!

FPPF’s environmentally friendly lubricants can keep your engine and other mechanical devices efficient and protected from friction, both in regular day-to-day use and when conditions are extreme.

Give us a call at 703-627-2737 or send us an email at so we can discuss your needs.

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FPPF Free It
- Penetrating Oil And Lubricant -

FPPF Free It• Highly concentrated fuel additive
• Prevents filter plugging, water build-up in fuel tanks, fuel deterioration and aging, and tank corrosion
• Eliminates rough idle, pre-ignition, and hesitation, without harm to catalytic converters

This remarkable nonchlorinated oil penetrates deeply and lubricates to loosen rusted, corroded and frozen parts. Once sprayed on exposed parts, the protective barrier prevents corrosion and displaces any moisture that comes in contact with the mechanism. Use this versatile lubricant on nuts, bolts, locks, clamps, linkages and any other metal parts that are exposed to moisture and contaminants. Contains no CFC's (Chlorofluorocarbons).

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